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Technology is like a Garden

You are probably wondering what your garden has got to do with technology… 

Having started out in your business with well specified technology that works fine, have you then all of a sudden become aware that your staff are complaining that they cannot do their job with the technology they are using?

Does it feels like your IT is falling apart?  

So picture the scenario, your IT support company is struggling to cope with the number of support issues your staff are logging and you are getting frustrated because your staff are spending too much time waiting for their technology to be fixed and not enough time doing their job, it is even starting to affect staff morale.

Similarly, with your garden, you may have commissioned a landscape gardener to create a beautiful garden, but you soon become aware that it has now become overgrown and unmanageable. 

What then should be done? 

Your IT provider is likely telling you that they are working hard to fix all your issues but the only way to get to the bottom of this is for them to have one of their guys on-site one or two days a week.  

So, you start asking yourself…  What is their guy going to do be doing when they are on-site? How will this help the business? What happens when there are issues when they are not on-site?  How much will this cost?  Will this deliver the results that are needed for the business? 

If this sounds familiar, although you might not realise, it’s because you are not giving your IT the ongoing investment it needs, and your IT Support company is not giving you the information you need as a business owner to make informed decisions on technology that will have a positive strategic impact on your business.  

Your business relies on Sales & Marketing, Research and Development, Deliver, HR and Finance, which relies on you staff, and your staff rely on Technology.  

Your success depends on technology. 

Whether it’s a slow workstation, a slow connectivity or cyber security risks, continual true proactive management of your technology is essential to ensure that your business succeeds. 

If your IT provider only talks to you about servers, antivirus software and firewalls, it means they are not taking time to understand your business. They are focussed on fixing your technology symptoms, rather than the root cause.  

In the same way that you need to spend time maintaining and further developing your garden to keep it looking beautiful, you need a similar process and discipline in place for your technology. You need to continually align technology with your business goals to help reduce risk, improve productivity, giving you a competitive advantage and ultimately driving profits and revenue. 

We at Building Zones understand your business and the problems you face.  We want to talk to you about how we deliver results for our clients and how you can get the same results from your technology. Just ping me an email: or call me 07957 175 308.Invest in your technology garden and keep it beautiful, because if don’t your business will be left behind.

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