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How We Do It

Most IT Managed Service Providers focus on resolving IT support issues to minimise the downtime cost to the business. That approach however, does not acknowledge the potential for developments in technology to make a positive impact on your business. The devices and applications you choose can dramatically change the performance of your business, offering a real return on investment.


At Technology@Work we go further and work in partnership with you to understand not just your technology but also your business goals. By employing our comprehensive Technology Success Process, we can help you to make informed decisions on the technology investment needed to achieve those goals.

Technology Success Process

Our Technology Success Process is what makes us different from other IT support companies. We have developed a systematic process to ensure all our clients get predictable results from their IT Investment which leads to business success through a reduced number of support calls, increased functionality, improved productivity, lower risk and ultimately increased profit/revenue.

There are four stages to the process

Everything begins with our technology success standards which covers hundreds of separate items across security, business continuity, hardware, software and procedures. These are continually revised and updated to reflect industry standards and developments. Each month your dedicated Technology Analyst visits your premises and reviews your technology alignment against these standards.

Your designated Chief Information Officer (CIO) analyses the results from every technical analyst visit which provides an alignment score that gives an overall picture of your technology to track performance over time. The CIO compiles a strategy report that indicates areas for improvement, risks and priorities which form the basis of forward planning for your business.

Your CIO meets with you at least once a quarter and based on the research and report, helps you make informed decisions about technology investment that will have the greatest impact on the business.

This process is ongoing with monthly technical alignment and quarterly CIO reviews to ensure that there is continual improvement in your technology that is aligned to your business goals.

Proactive management and reactive support

We also fulfil the expected role of an IT Support company to provide offsite proactive management and reactive offsite and onsite support with a dedicated helpdesk.  We have clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and we resolve any IT issues with the minimum disruption to your business.


Our Technology Success Process is focussed on driving down the number of support issues for your company which reduces the cost to your business.

Your It should make you money, not cost you money.

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