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Does Technology Take Centre Stage in Your Strategic Business Planning?

It is that time of year when you will be reviewing how well you have met your business goals for 2018 and setting your strategic business plan for 2019.  When you consider where you want your business to be in 12 months, do you see technology  having a key part to play in helping to realise those goals? 

For many SMEs, technology does not feature as part of their strategic business planning.  IT is not integrated into their business plans and is not seen as an essential investment which will contribute to business success. Rather it is viewed as a service cost to the business which needs to be kept as low as possible, in the same way as other contracts, such as cleaning and utilities. As a result, most SMEs receive IT Managed Support that only focuses on minimising the downtime and cost to their business. 

Your IT Should Make you Money, Not Cost you Money

If you take that view, however, you are significantly limiting the potential for technology to make a difference to your business.   The devices and applications you choose can dramatically change the performance of a business, offering a real return on investment, rather than simply adding costs. 

It is essential that your IT Managed Support partner doesn’t only make sure your technology works, but also understands your business goals and has a methodology that clearly and objectively measures the effectiveness of technology within your business.  This will help you to better understand your IT and make informed decisions on technology investment to support your business goals. 

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